Who am I?


Avid Reader, Podcaster

Since a very young age, I was obsessed, seriously obsessed, with the written word. It reached the point where my mum gave up on restricting my reading time and instead gave my sister an eye mask so she could sleep while I stayed up all night.

My love of the written word has never faded. I tried my hand at writing a novel, I took part in National Novel Writing Month three times (and succeeded twice) and then I found podcasts.

What better way to spread my love of all things written than by talking about my favourite books.

My first podcast, Romance isn’t Dead, started as a project with a friend back in January 2019. After a year I realised that I wanted more and so I started searching for an alternative. And that is when Not Before Coffee! was born.

Twice a week I release a new episode. On Mondays, I open the doors to my little bookshop where I talk about the book I’ve just finished and then on Thursdays I talk about film.

But that’s not all. Mental health is something very important to me if only because it’s something I have been working my way through since I was just 11 years old, I believe that it’s important to share experiences and if what I have gone through myself helps just one person then talking about it has done some good.