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It's Halloween this week and I have (sort of) chosen spooky for both the film and the book. When I say sort of I mean that they are both YA, so suitable for pretty much all.

It's a 2012 DCOM this week, Girl vs Monster, and my favourite book of all time, The Changeover, yes, my favourite even when I take into account the classics.

Also, I mention Bea Nostalgic and Verbal Diorama, two more excellent podcasts.

This week I am revisiting a Disney Channel Original Movie from 1999, Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century, and talking about a very strange dream that had me in a cooking competition

Promo: Bad Dad's Movie Review

There's also an announcement about November and a mental health update.

This episode was not the easiest to record, but it had to be done.

I delve a little deeper into my personal mental health struggles, but first, you get an odd dream and I review the 2009 Disney Original Dadnapped.

Featured promo: BeaNostalgic

A little late this week, but I have a voice now, ASMR isn't something I feel comfortable recording!

This week I review a Smart House, a Disney Channel Original from 1999. I broach the subject of anxiety and sleep and there's an exclusive interview with author January James about her brand new novel He Turns.

You can find January on her website and her book is available through several bookshops including Amazon.

This week I have a movie review of The Next Karate Kid (why did I watch this). There's another weird dream, and I have to ask myself why exactly did my hair go bright ginger?

Featured promo: They're Terrified and Tipsy

My dreams keep on getting weirder, I do a tv show countdown that might not be with some TV show fans, so I may have to go into hiding! 

Featured promo: Spyhards 

And if you want to hear about celebrity encounters...I have one for you! 

This week I take a look at Season 5 pt 1 of Lucifer and dig a little deeper into some pretty serious topics, including mental health and treatments during the lockdown (no, not balayage and highlights). I also look at online book-shaming. 

Also, if you've been wondering; my music was created by the fantastic Purpletape, head over to check him out on Insta or find him on iTunes, YouTube and Spotify.

In this first proper episode, I talk about what I did during lockdown. I talk about the fantastic Leverage, movies and tv shows I watched and review the first book by January James. 

A Class Act by January James

Here's some of what you can expect from the first official season of Not Before Coffee!

Books, TV, movies, reviews, opinions, weirdness...all the things that go into making me who I am, go into making this show what it is.