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What is Not Before Coffee!?

A few years ago, when I realised that the organised book clubs that were available in my area weren’t for me I started to look elsewhere. This began my search for alternatives, and that’s when I discovered podcasts. First came a joint project with a fellow romance novel reader. After a while that started to fade to nothing, so I started to look for an alternative. I merged it with my love of all things caffeinated and Not Before Coffee! was born.

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I am never going to lie about my addictions, but to be fair, they are few and far between. I love chocolate, I love books and I love coffee.

Without the coffee, I actually struggle to function on a daily basis. I can have 10 good hours of sleep and still wake up needing a caffeine boost.

So, that’s sort of what inspired me to name the podcast about my love of the dark roasted bean (dark roasted, because that’s how I prefer it).

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