A new start

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You’ll notice a few changes around here over the next few months, as I get used to being in control of my own website, uploading podcast episodes to a brand new website and being able to offer you the facility to see the scripts I work from when creating my episodes.

Yes, this is a new dawn, a new day, a new life….for me! And I’m feeling good.

As I create more content you’ll notice more blogs, more book reviews for books that didn’t quite make The Bookshop cut and more film talk as I continue to watch stuff that doesn’t quite meet the Season 3 Romcom criteria. Believe me, as I stream everything, I watch very little in the way of traditional TV, so the majority of my evenings are either watching old shows that are on Disney Plus and Amazon Prime or films that are on the three major streaming services in the UK.

Some reviews will be super-detailed, others will be ‘I give this five stars out of 500, do not watch’.

I hope that you find this a fun place to get some book and film recommendations, and don’t forget that if you have anything you want to say – be that feedback, constructive critique or a film/book recommendation, I am always open to talk…

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